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Privacy: is a social media and information blog to provide useful information from different sources and media.  We may take the reference of the source but we will never copy the main content of the site or information. Also the information provided by you will be safe and secure and will not disclose in any share for third parties.

Also we believe in genuine and integrity towards our website  We trust that no other site will copy any content from this site in any shape such as image ,video or text.  We will perform the audit for every month with regards to content and copyright policy.  If we find any of our content copied to any website we will take sever action on those sites and make them banned.

We believe in providing genuine content and we never copy any information from other sources.  Incidentally or accidentally if you find any information or property  that belongs to you, please contact  We will definitely review your content and remove the information you find, if and only if our terms and conditions  and privacy policies  satisfies your complaint.

For any further information, please contact