Interesting reasons why Facebook bought Instagram application which has no $1billion value

Why facebook bought instagram

After the advent of the worlds popular social networking platform Facebook in the year 2004.  Whole world turned to this interesting connecting utility.  Over the year 2010, Facebook got 500 million users from 20 different countries.  The interesting thing is that what made the Facebook so much popular among all other networking apps!

Facebook has shown a vast difference between the other applications in terms of its reliability and pace of using it easily.  Meeting our old classmates, discussing our daily matters with friends and relatives, in this way Facebook has shown a simple way for complicated things.  No doubt it has created a history by the collision of communication and technology at one place.

Facebook journey is continuing from 11 years but does anybody got a question that, “Is there any other Zukerberg who wants to show the difference in connectivity?”  The answer is Yes because different social networks took place in this vast world like Pinterest, Google plus, Linked In.  Along with these sites there is another interesting mobile application founded by genius entrepreneurs named Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.

The term genius is less for these guys.  Because Kevin and Mike introduced a brilliant app into the market named Instagram The photo sharing, Video sharing and social networking application that enables to take pictures and videos from their mobile phones and gives an option to share those from different social media networks.


Over the period of the year 2010 to 2015 photo sharing through mobile increased to a big percentage.  This interesting thing grasped by Facebook and enabled the feature that ‘n’ number of photos can be uploaded to its site.  But Instagram took one step a head and provided some more features in photo editing such as it confines photos to a square shape, similar to Kodak instamatic and polaroid images in contrast to the 4:3 aspect ratio.  That means photos took from phones can be uploaded into Instagram with built-in adjustable features.  The maximum duration for Instagram videos is 15 seconds.

why facebook bought instagram
Stunning beauty with Instagram

By the time Instagram launched in the year 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Facebook never bothered about this application because it is a smaller app than Facebook.  Over the month April 2012 there are 100 million active users for Instagram.  This is the reason why Faebook bought Instagram and shown interest to aggravate the feature of photo sharing including Facebook with different social media networks.

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Reasons why Facebook bought Instagram

Many social media questioned itself about the reasons why Facebook bought Instagram?  Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg is very much interested in this photo sharing app Intagram.  Because of its reliable features.  Mark attracted by Instagram because it is exactly related to Facebook features in photo sharing.  Mark has decided to buy Instagram just to keep his social networking app safe and not to make the people divert to this media sharing app Instagram.

No doubt Mark has shown his business strategies on buying this application. A Company with 13 employees created this Instagram app which worth about 1 billion dollars.  Media criticized Facebook that it was threatened by a small app created by 13 people who has no revenue.

Truth is that by the time Instagram entered into the market, it has no worth of $1 billion.  However Facebook understood its future way of development in photo and video sharing along with editing features.


why facebook bought Instagram
Ink well effect with Instagram


That means people can travel through time machine by changing their photo styles as if they took the photos in 60’s.  This editing technology cannot be inbuilt in Facebook mobile app which definitely effects on its loading time.  Facebook got many challenges such as social connectivity, ads management, pages promotion.  In these major features, The social media giant cannot took a step forward in photo editing and sharing feature. 


That is the reason Facebook integrated the Instagram miraculous feature in Facebook applications list.  Another important reason is, even though many VIP’s created individual pages but they never had a VIP look and feel.  That is the neutrality maintained among every individual world wide by the Facebook.  However Instagram gives this VIP look in just one shot of photo graph and sharing it.

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Another interesting fact is, over the year of 2013 instagram grew by 23% percent, where as its parental company Facebook grew by its 3%.  By the time Facebook realized that this acquisition is not a myth but its true that Intagram has a great scope in reaching people and using it with pace.

Another interesting fact is in New York the Instagram recognized as “Breakout of the year” and received a “Webby Award“.  Later Instagram team worked for 1 year harder and released its 3.0 version.  Late February, Instagram users count reached to 100 million users.

Soon or late, always Facebook myths came true and their beliefs get them more billion dollars according to their investment.  Because Facebook had a vision rather than a business mind.  That is the reason still its no. 1 social networking site.  Hope you enjoyed reading these reasons why Facebook bought Instagram.  Do share from your social media Facebook, Google, Twitter.  Also provide your views and interesting facts about Instagram in the comment box.



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  1. I use Instagram it is pretty awesome to take photo graph easy and easy to upload to facebook 🙂

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