Whats app the social networking and messaging system created miraculous trend world wide

Whats app the social networking app

There is no use of phone balance.  You can send instant messages with in seconds.  We might not have noticed how many messages reached to our friends and soul mates.  Yes!  We just talking about world’s famous messenger and social networking app that’s whats app.  Do not under estimate this 25 mb mobile app.  This got a huge value world wide.  You can’t imagine how much value it got currently.  Let us have a look into this whats app story.

Founders of Whats app the social networking app

Whats app the social networking app
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Whats app was founded by two people named Jan Koum and Brian Acton in the year 2009.  Both were worked in Yahoo! inc earlier.  On February 4th 2009  Jan Koum introduced his idea of What’s app which sounds like a common gesture what’s up!  at California Moutain view.  He invested his saving money of $400,000 from Yahoo!.

Initially, what’s app seen many obstacles at some point of time, Koum though to drop his idea in between. Later Acton encouraged him to sustain his idea and goal.  Later both were collaborated and introduced what’s app to this world.  Both Jan Koum and Bran Acton were tried for a Job in Facebook but got rejected by that time.

Whats app the social networking has zero investment for Marketing

You might wonder that a product moved into the market without any publicity and marketing.  Whats app moved into the public with a vast increase of users with out any single penny of investment for marketing.  No wonder the worlds famous social networking site Facebook also initially gained the users with no publicity.  All this is happened because of its reliability and simple user interface which makes the users to use it with a great experience.

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Miracle facts about this instant messaging app

Within five years of time span whats app acquired 500 million daily active users and worth 19 billion dollars. In the year 2014 Facebook bought whats app with the same price of 19 billion dollars.  That means 1.2lacks rupees in Indian currency.  We have to open our mouths with its worth because, the price of whats app is more than the NASA budget (1 lack rupees).

Prior to the Facebook, Google was ready to buy the Whats app the social networking and messaging app, for 9.9 billion dollars (63 thousand crore rupees).

By the way whats app uses no advertising system.  There is no advertising monetize for whats app.  It gives 1 year free subscription after downloading, later charges apply as per their respective regions.

Every year whats app used by 80 crore people, by the year Jan 2015, whats app active users are 600 million and by the month of April 2015 total active users are 800 million people.  This count is equal to the total population of America, Britain, France, Russia, Germany Australia and Newzealand.

Whats app mostly used by United States and the second place goes to India.  Just as the social networking site Facebook got huge followers from India only.

For every second whats app transfers 3,47,222 messages worldwide.  We can imagine how big figure it is if we count the messages in a day from Whats app the social networking.

On an estimation each subscriber uploads 40 images in to whats app in order to share with friends, relatives and soul-mates.  Each subscriber see whats app at-least 23 times in a day.  20,000 of voice messages travels through whats app in a day.  All the selfies shared in Internet is 27% of whats app selfies.  These numbers are quite crazy and interesting.

Although there are different applications blinked in the market but no other app is showing this Whats app the social networking kind of reliability and simplicity.

Whats app the social networkfing app
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Yes!  Simplicity is the key to success for what’s app.  There are many applications introduced stickers and different options.  But what’s app remained with its simplicity and limited options which makes the user to feel simple and use more easier and better.  Another important thing from Whats app is it’s quality of product.  No other product can give the clarity of calling feature like whats app, also the messaging system and the user experience.

Later whats app also introduced its key features like whats app calling and whats app web in this year.  This has increased its tremendous usage and reliability.  People started calling from continent to continent with better quality.  People also used this whats app web to share more content from their PC’s.

 At one point of time by the year 2014, Facebook sweated with whats app growth and its tremendous increasing of usage by millions of people world wide.  Slowly people got addicted to this messaging app and reduced using the Facebook app.  Mark Zukerberg identified its increase in popularity and decided to buy for 19 billion dollars.  What ever Facebook may think but their belief is true.  Because today whats app has 800 Million active users who sends crores of messages each other also uses this social networking app to share files, media videos, voice messages.

No doubt for more years whats app will be remained as the most reliable and user friendly app for social networking and instant messaging system world wide.

Hope you got a good information and facts about whats app the social networking app.  Do not forget to share this from your favorite media Facebook, Twitter and Google.  Share your personal thoughts and more knowledge about whats app in the comment box below.



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