10 Life Hacking Tips To Lead A Happy Life

What is happiness? what is the secret behind a happy life? there are numerous definitions for a happy life.  Everyone will have their own perceptions of being happy.  Some people will have a vivid idea of happiness.  Everyone will have their own reason of being happy.  Few people will be happy when they smile a lot.  Few people are happy when they earn name, money and fame.  Few people are happy when they get good page views for their blog.  And few other people are happy with success in their professional life.  Happiness may vary in different reactions and reasons however it is the ultimate goal in everyone’s life.

Reasons for being happy differs from person to person for example, smile, love, relations, money, memories etc., happiness depends up on our own views and ideas. People will always have different definition of happy. According to me successful life is being happy. It is very important to know our purpose in life. One way to find our purpose is to ask yourself.


life hacking tips to lead a happy life


Life hacking tips to be happy
Observe Your Passion

We have the unique power to observe our lives. It is very important to discover our purpose, vision in life.  We need to observe in which area we are happy. Perhaps,  not only observing instead implementation is also important. Through observation we can overcome what is lacking in our life. It improves us to lead a life more happily and successfully.



Life hacking tips to be happy
Smile costs nothing

Smile is a curve that sets everything straight.  The often you smile the more happy you will be.  Smile is the natural way to force yourself to be happy. It is a very powerful tool that is utilized less and less as we grow older and need happiness more than ever.


Emotional skills

Life hacking tips to be happy
Enjoy your gifts rather than feeling the problem

life is complicated and people are even more so, we face some difficulties and emotionally challenging situations involving loss, conflict or rejection. This stress can often cause us to feel anxious or a bit depressed.  If we don’t have emotional skills to understand and manage these feelings it may lead to depression and out of control.  If you are affected by the words and actions of others we have to realize what’s happening. And next time if you experience a negative emotion we can find the strength within ourselves to overcome it.  Emotional intelligence is the important skill especially in the corporate life you live.  Emotionally we must be strong to lead a happiest work life.


 Stress Relief

Life hacking tips to be happy
Handling stress is an art

Sleep is one of the method to overcome stress and being happy.  Knowing how to relax is vital for ensuring your health.  We can overcome the general illness,  depression and sense of malcontent by relaxing.  We all need to take a little break and switch off from our busy schedules.  This is more important for workaholics.  Work  is very important and productive but,  you have to take some time to chill out everyday.

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Love what you do

Life hacking tips to be happy
Love your Dreams

Doing something which you love to do will make you feel happy.  We spend most of our times to make as much money as possible.  It makes no sense to settle in life.  We have to follow our bliss and we will be thousand times more happy.  Money may give you comforts but where as doing a work which you love gives you satisfaction and makes you feel happy.


Have a considerable workout

Life hacking tips to be happy
Exercise Daily

Exercise has such a profound effect on our happiness.  It is proven that it is an effective strategy for overcoming depression.  It can help you to relax, increase your brain power and even improve your body gestures.  It is powerful way to have control over all our actions.

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Create a lively atmosphere

Life hacking tips to be happy
Enjoy the nature

Time is highly valuable when it comes to improving our happiness even for introverts.  The time spent with friends and family makes a big difference to how happy we feel, generally.  The time which we spend with our family and friends will rejunavate our body and makes feel fresh and happy.  Stay away from technology and smart phones when you spend good time with your loved ones.


Helping Others

Life hacking tips to be happy
Create your network

One of the most counter piece of advice to make yourself feel happy is helping others.   Spending money or helping others in a productive way makes us happier than being selfish.  Helping others makes us feel better, it is more effective when we do it with positive thoughts.


Art of public speaking

Life hacking tips to be happy
Dealing with people is an art

Public speaking is the fastest way to build a positive self confidence.  In public speaking there will be always something new to learn and explore.  Maintaining public relations and speaking frequently makes you professionally strong.  Create a good network with people to have a good relation and remember loneliness is a biggest curse.


 Motivate yourself

Life hacking tips to be happy
Love yourself

Keep yourself inspired by anything which inspires you.  That may be through music, fashion, photography etc.,  Nothing else ignites a flame in you rather than a self motivation.  Having positive role models in your life can help to keep you motivated and lead you in right direction.  When you are inspired you will not mind the challenges you face in your life.

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Happiness and success are co related to each other.  Success is living life on your own terms.  It is living with people you want to live.  Working with the people you want to work.  Serving as many people as you can which gives you a happy life.  Follow these keys, you can lead your life happily in a successful way.  Hope you had a great information about how to lead a happy and successful life. Share it on your favorite social  media if you feel it is worth.  Anything you want to add up with the story, comment our opinion below.



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