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Indian Entrepreneurs Globally Popular: Top 5 Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is the way to show your passion and difference in this competitive world. Just saying good bye to the same life style.  Opening our own doors and creating our own opportunities also to create a way for many people.  Dream should be big and you must think more to sustain it.  Dream is always a dream until you make it real.  Because many people dream to become something and try to show some thing difference in this world, but few people will sustain their goals.  Nearly 21 years back, Jeff Bezos started the first e-commerce company in the world.  That startup has shown a way and path to many entrepreneurs including India.  In fact India wasn’t developed in believing the entrepreneurship online till last 10 years.  By the year 2000, India slowly started believing the online earning and startups.  Blogging, E-commerce, Services, Social Networking, Information websites, Business websites, Coupon sites, Affiliate websites and many more.  Millions of start-ups and websites arise all over the world.  In fact online earning is more effective and easy to earn more in the less time span.  But it is not easy to survive in the beginning.  Beginning will be always hard to go.

Since 10 years India had many startups to go and those startups are success full startups and popular among world wide.  To start a startup there should be a successful entrepreneur.  A successful entrepreneurship needs a vision, Handwork, belief, hope and finally consistency to reach the desirable target.  He/she must have heart full of patience and dedication to reach their goals.  “To have a success start from small things and gradually make them big”.  This is the only success mantra they are following.

Let us have a quick look at successful Indian entrepreneurs since 10 years who bought great competency among the world.

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Indian Entrepreneurs Globally popular

Phanindra Reddy Sama (August 2006, India)

Phanindra Sama

The first commercial online bus ticketing system in India.  It has become very successful by the time it arrived and released in India.  Phanindra Reddy Sama found in collaboration with Sudhakar Pasupunuri, Charan Padmaraju who are the co-founders of

I was working as a senior designer with Texas Instruments,  a leading microchip-maker in Bangalore. Eager to spend Diwali with my family in Hyderabad, I visited several travel agents to buy a bus ticket, but failed to get one. I had to spend the festival alone in my apartment as all my six flatmates were away. —- Phanindra Reddy Sama Source Economic Times

Awards and Recognitions

He is the CEO of, and Phanindra Reddy Sama was recently selected by Endeavor as a high impact entrepreneur.And Businessworld voted Phanindra Reddy Sama as one of the top 5 most promising entrepreneurs in India. crossed four crore mark for the number tickets sold in July 2015.  More over getting millions of dollars for this startup it is helping many people and private bus transports to interact and be on the same page to travel different places all over India. 

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Vijay Shekhar Sharma (2010, Noida, India)

Vijay Shekar Sharma

Vijay Sekhar Sharm a is an Indian entrepreneur and founder of in the year 2010.  He is also founder of online marketing company one97 also founded the online recharging system PAYTM.  It is the leading source in recharge services for Mobile and DTH.  Very reliable services to recharge your mobile services for all the service providers all over India.  Pay TM has its acronym called as “Pay Through Mobile”.

Once in a lifetime, God gives us an opportunity to create a dent in the universe.  –Vijay Shekhar Sharma (one97)

Paytm is partnered with multiple national banks for credit, debit and national bank payments.  It also works for bill payments for various utilities.


Deep Kalra (2000, Gurgaon, India)

Deep kalra

Deep Kalra is the Indian Business person and founder of  Who assumes that there would be a service oriented web app that gives reliable services to travel any place all over India.  It was founded in the year 2000, initially it has provided services to travel all over India like booking tickets, cabs, transport services, residence, food everything.  From starting to ending where ever you travel, Makemytrip is there for you.  For the first time Deep Kalra introduced the plan of providing e-services for traveling.  Later it expanded the services to travel any place all over the world.  It can book flight tickets, book hotel rooms, food convenience in any place all over the world.  Deep Karla is currently chairman and CEO of

Later by the inspiration from, there was one more start-up arised founded on August 1st 2006, by Druv Shringi,  ibiboGroup is also one of such start up founded on 2oo7.

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Pranay Chulet

(, 12 July 2008)

Pranay Chulet

Pranay Chulet is an Indian Entrepreneur was born in 1994 and he is the co-founder and CEO of Quikr.  Founded Quikr the online advertising and classifieds company in the year 2008 .  According to its official website, “It is Headquartered in Mumbai and operates from 940 cities across India and is accessed by more than 30 million unique users and 26 million brand new customers per month. Quikr now have over 13 categories and 170 sub-categories, with the most popular being mobile phones and electronics, real estate, cars and bikes.”

Currently Quikr is the leading online classifieds online source across India and popular among the world.

 Amit Agarwal:

(, 2004)

Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from I.I.T. and has previously worked at ADP Inc. for clients like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. In 2004, Amit quit his job to become India’s first Professional Blogger.  Amit has started initially a blog using, he believed that we can earn money online and it is going to be a major source of income by sharing and gaining knowledge.  He has started by the inspiration digitally he calls as Digital Inspiration.  He continuously believed in collecting and sharing knowledge through his blog.  The source can be any thing from paper media, social media, Google.  Mostly he has covered all the technical aspects of Google products that how effectively and easily use the utilities from Google products.  Amit also proved that we can earn huge income with popular adds source adsensefrom Google.  Currently he is the leading pro blogger with his primary site as  He also covers wide varieties of technical tips and tricks on web hosting, web maintenance, blog tips etc., in his youtube channel.

Later with his inspiration, many blogs arrived and founded in India.  And now still he is the leading pro blogger and an Inspiration for every blogger to start a start-up.  That is the reason it is considered to be an innovative start-up he introduced also gave a belief for every blogger in India currently.

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Hope you had a great info.  keep visiting for more success stories.  Share your knowledge and opinions below.

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