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12 Steps To Become Successful Entrepreneur

12 steps to become successful

The whole life is about challenges and huddles we come across.  At one point of time we realize that we are here to fulfill our dreams.  The moment we realize that we are not required to work for some one, then we start working for ourselves.  Working ourselves is the part of our journey to reach our desires and aspirations.  In the same way, entrepreneurs are the risk takers where they pay first and pleasure later.

Famous Business man and entrepreneur Richard Branson said

Entrepreneur is  someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way

Many people have ideas, but few people succeed.  The reason is, an idea itself is not enough to become succeed.  Many successful startups succeed because, there are many actions and strategies to be applied by Entrepreneurs who are risk takers in their life.  However the big success won’t come in the whole night, unfortunately there is not magical wand to create success.  It needs lot of attempts and innovation.  They must break the common ways and create a path for millions of people who are looking for a change.  On other hand they are responsible in changing this world into better opportunities.

Famous startups from India like Flipkart, OLA were started by such entrepreneurs who made an attempt to succeed. As mentioned, that it is not easy to do and there must be steps to be followed to succeed.

Many search in internet and books to know how to succeed with startups but they end up with less results and sometimes debt with loss.  For these people there are specific steps to be followed before they enter in to their passionate field.  Yes, the word passion itself describes one’s interest on perceiving their desirable goals.  Let us have a quick look at those qualities who must need in this competitive world to become a successful entrepreneur.

12 . Just select what you love most

What all the Successful Entrepreneurs Do?

You must love your career you choose, that may be a field of hotel management, a cook or a writer.  End of the day you are the one who works for the whole life.  Just identify your passions and choose one of those.  It can be a business which holds a cloth materials, e-commerce or any other shopping networks. 

11.  Make sure that you knew it before

Many of us want to become a musician, scientist or a guitar player.  A wish is entirely different from desire and aspiration.  One must know the field they chose.  They must do a relevant research in that field, must be skilled and well known the pros and cons of every area of the business or entity.

10. Always start from the small

Many successful companies like Flip-kart and amazon started their journey from a small garage.  They never expected big results and they don’t even know that their companies become giants in e-commerce.  All they have done is, they started from small sales like books and house hold things.  Mostly they have chosen books as main category to be sold.  They ensure that they have every book from the world who are searching for.  Later the business got developed step by step by adding additional categories.  Always remember that, create small goals and fulfill it.  Then you will feel confident to break bigger goals.

9.  Tell someone that you are doing big

Setting goals takes minutes of time but fulfilling those may take years.  Because people will end up with confusion and fear of rejection.  when ever you feel something to be achieved.  you must express your ideas by choosing the one who loves your ideas and aspirations.  It can be your family member, friend.  Choose them as your partner and share all of your journey with them.  Because motion boosts you up fast.

8. Do some ground work

Don’t ever directly attack the target.  Start from small, invest a little bit and check your progress.  Do some ground work like research and feedback before you do the big thing.

7. Have a prior thought

Keep yourself ready for your tasks, make sure every step you take will effect your future also will decide your success.  But it may leads to some disaster moments.  So have a vision and good thought process on every task you perform.

6. Manage your energy and time on same trait

A person will be great only when he could manage all his energy and time on the same manner.  Here you must understand a bit of strategy on your works.  Start only one thing and finish it then you pick up some thing new.  Do not go with multi tasking until you are capable enough in handling.  If you identify your ability on this then start putting of your avoidable tasks now and move on with your priorities.

5. Select your team

You cannot build a home alone.  You need team work on implementing your thought process.  You can only do a little bit but your thoughts cannot be implemented effectively without a good team.  Start selecting a long term committed people from the starting time of your project.  Manage your investment on your resources as well.  Because your resources are the dependent you are the risk taker.

4. Select your right co-founder

Selecting your co-founder is same as selecting your team member.  But a co-founder is more responsible and should have a long term vision to have a journey with you.

3.  Plan for your capital

Your capital is the first resource to start your business.  So have a considerable capital with a long time vision.  Prepare your project with all the detailed budget and search for the right angel investor. Make sure that your capital and investment should not get down in between your progress.

2. Never stop updating.

When you observe the largest social network Facebook success.  It got lot of options and user friendly interface.  The secret behind it’s success is always updating with new features.  Similarly when you are in a progress of your development, you should get innovative thoughts and ideas from your co-workers to update yourself every time.

1. Have a long term goal

      Businessman with a strategy plan to be successful in their business

To have a long term goal, you must think big and dream for your project.  You have to live in every breath on of project.  Set a long term goal such as what you want to be in the next 5 to 10 years.  Where you want to show yourself and your company as well. 

Success is a progress and it has many ideas which keeps changing on your journey .  But do remember these 12 steps on every decision you take.

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