Best blogging platforms for writers also to make money online: A guide to passionate bloggers

Best blogging platforms for writers

It is always good to know new things.  What’s happening? How to share the news or knowledge?  The answer is Blogging.  Because blogging is the best way to know what you are and how you are.  Also Blogging elevates your talent and inner feeling to express to this world easily.  Every person has their own feeling to express but they doesn’t know how to present it.  Research proved that writing is the best factor to express something to this world.  In fact blogging became a special media for writers to promote their ideas.

But is it enough to start a blog?  Of course it is not enough to start a blog, it is important where to start and how to continue.  There are many sources all over the world to write in blogs, we can practice, interact with people, promote some thing, upload our ideas any thing on blog.  But The best is always best to do.  Different sources like Quora, Tumblr, Live journal provides reliable features to create and maintain a blog.  But as I mentioned above it is not important to start a blog.  It is important where to start and how to continue. 

Before explaining about the significance of blogging, I must explain the wonderful features of Blogger.  Whole world must thank Blogger for its reliable features.  Because Blogger is the best platform to start anyone’s blogging journey.  Any person who has an account on Google can create a Blog and run a blog for a while, until they become a professional Blogger.


Best uses of Blogger

A user can create up to 100 blogs with one Google Account.

Google concentrates and provides enough traffic to Blogger more

Easy to create meta tags and SEO friendly

Easy to upload and maintain media such as Photos and Videos

Easy to embed Youtube videos within the posts

Html tags can be created manually and insert the code very easily

Manually code the templates and can create your own template

Can be easily monetized and can be easily earned money through Youtube Monetize and adsense.

A user can maintain a blog with Blogger and can earn up to 500$ in a month from adsense

These are the advantages of Blogger but those advantages are limited, because even though we have been maintaining a blog using Blogger, we are dependent on Google and whole traffic depends up on Google.  In one way we can say that we are working for Google to provide traffic for them.  Because whole traffic of our blog is redirected to Google and Blogger passively. 

We must work hard to get the traffic and rank all over.  There will be no unique identification while blogging on blogger but for practice sake and starting stage of blogging, blogger helps a lot.

India’s popular Blog started its journey with Blogger.  Blogger also helps in maintaining our personal journal as well.

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Create your own identity with

WordPress is a free and open source content management system uses a cross platform operating system with php scrip and my sql database.  People may create any number of blogs with a account.  It is free actually.  WordPress works with plugins and themes.  There are many themes for free and paid themes as well.  the only disadvantage with blog is, it is not useful more for monetizing.  Because adsense will never accept blogs to place ads.  Do not get confused with sites and sites.

sites which are created on are the subdomains of WordPress.  So the url would be

Creating blogs on is like having a sub domain from WordPress.  The best thing from this CMS platform is, you will get beautiful features to promote your views and thoughts easily. But more over it cannot be used for commercial ads and earning purpose.  You may use it for affiliation partially, however keep few ads and earnings for those ads will get for them for providing free features to the people. We some time keep on searching for the best blogging platforms for blogging.  And your search ends up here.  Because is the best and easy way to blog, to promote your products and project yourself to the audience.  It has a better comment structure, inbuilt social icons for sharing.  Best reliable ways to use digital marketing.  More number of beautiful themes.  Thousands of plugins helps you to create your own website on as per your own requirement.

No doubt is the best blogging platforms ever.  It was founded in 2003 by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, and currently millions of websites are being used this free CMS platform.

 Be an independent blogger with Joomla


Joomla is an open source content management system for publishing webcontent.  It is the second most useful platform all over the world after the  It is built with php and my sql with OOP structured designing system.  Since 2006, it is been downloaded for 30 million times and for every 2.5 seconds there will be a new download.  It is also capable of handling modeling view controller.  There are 64 languages available in Joomla. 2.8% of entire internet runs by Joomla and it is a packtpub award winning Blog platform.  There are 9,400 extensions available in Joomla.  Extensions are nothing but plugins to be added to your website as if we add extensions to wordpress sites.  Joomla is more preferable for self hosted websites.  However it is too hard to understand Joomla if you directly host your website on it. 

It is preferable that you create a sub domain on Joomla and understand the functions on it.  Keep blogging for few days on Joomla and later you may decide to use it permanently for your self hosted domain.  It is not too hard to understand Joomla because it is as easy as wordpress.

 Make use of easy CMS Drupal

best blogging platforms

Drupal is also free content management system uses cross platform operating system with php and my sql as back end storage.  Drupal is also widely used blogging software from blog to enterprise applications.  there are hundreds of adons to run and maintain a website using Drupal.  You need not spend your bucks to start a trial using Drupal.  You can start a free trial using Pantheon extension.  Just navigate and start your free trial to use Drupal.

Pantheon offers two sites to create for free.  Although there are two sites but it is good enough to practice all the features from Drupal.

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Also make a note on  Twitter and Facebook media

medium blogging software


There are best blogging platforms like Medium from twitter media.  Facebook notes from Facebook media and blogging option from

Medium cannot give you a domain based name but you can create an account and post what ever stuff you would like to on your journal.  Where as Facebook notes is another option to create notes and hence FB also cannot provide a separate domain name for your notes.  But you can include media and daily based posts on these two platforms.

Another Blogging platform Ghost

ghost just a blogging platform


Ghost is another blogging platform built in Java script.   But it is a pro blogging soft ware which offers all the paid related features with a 14 days trial period.  Go to to register for a free trial and you may continue if you like the options in it.  The hard part is to create the first post and later on the remaining part will be easier.   Your domain seems like this


Which is the better one?

We have gone through many blogging platforms in the above.  But the question remains the same what are the Best blogging platforms for blogging.  Truth is that choice is yours and as per your convenience and usage.  You can integrate every platform and make use of every platform to promote your self to this world.  In fact blogging is another social media interaction with people on Internet.

Even though many blogging platforms arise but if you are planning to maintain a self hosted website, then it is always preferable to use WordPress CMS platform.

We keep on listening about WordPress platform many times and many people all over the world prefers wordpress CMS for their self hosted domains.  What would be the reason.?

Truth is that WordPress is truly a best platform to host your self hosted domain also easy to maintain even by one person, because of its reliable features and pace of using.  We can pitch in to the admin area easily and can easily change our appearance and themes in a minute.

Let us have a quick look at the best features of WordPress CMS platform.

Google and SEO Friendly

WordPress was founded in the year 2003 and from the day it was created, there are many users keep on using this best working platform.  Because WordPress is Google friendly and SEO friendly too.  Once you host the website on the web, it is easily crawled by Google with menu pages and important pages instantly without creating a sitemap or robots.txt file.

Built in features and easy to develop

After installing WordPress, you will get a default twenty two theme and later you may change it to your favorite theme.  Once best feature in WordPress is Editor.  You can change any of the part and design your site on your own taste using php editor and CSS.

Easy media navigation

WordPress has built with great user friendly experience that we can insert all the media we want and store in the media library.  We can embed videos from multiple sources of Internet also provide all the features to navigate it.

The admin area of WordPress is very easy to control every thing including drafting some which comes on your mind.

No programming experience needed

You need not study and become a great programmer to create some options in the site which are blinking on your mind.  Word press provides an option called plugin system.  You can create your own plugins or you can use thousands of free and paid plugins available on  Plugins can be easily searched and installed but we have to stay away from spam and malware plugins.  It is always preferable to install plugins after reading their reviews.  Do not blindly install plugins, because they may crash your site and some times few files are corrupted in future.

Easy to monetize and advertise

As mentioned before, WordPress is Google friendly and that is the reason websites hosted using WordPress platform are more considered by Google.  It is not like Google creates separate algorithmic function for WordPress.  But it is WordPress specialty that every SEO function focus on Google search algorithms.

We can easily use advertizing features from many vendors also can easily create own ads for paid vendors.  More over it is reliable for Google ad sense program and gets you hundreds of dollars after getting the approval ad sense account from them.

Affiliate marketing is another reliable feature can be used in WordPress.  Build a coupon based website or e-commerce website for affiliation purpose.  A niche blog is very helpful for affiliate marketing.

Safe and Secured

More over is secured in using.  A kismet is the built in plugin or added plugin for WordPress.  A kismet is the product from WordPress, to avoid spam comments and automated login attempts.  Many spies around the web may try to enter your self hosted sites to crash it or to grab the confidential information.  They may hack your site in any cases.

Suppose after you create a beautiful content based website and struggled a lot to promote and advertise it.  After promoting it to the people you started earning from it.  So the hackers eye attracts your website when it is earning more popularity from people.  So we have to be very careful in these cases.  WordPress follows its own safety precautions but we can use some secured plugins like A kismet and word press security.  To avoid spam comments and hackers login attempts.

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One of the Best blogging platforms for writers

The writing pad provided on WordPress is indisputable because, there are multiple features on and above writing structure such as changing font, line breaks, horizontal lines, insert media and many more.  You will have fun writing a WordPress blog post every time you want to post some thing in your mind.

Digital media and social media friendly

WordPress provides best social media sharing options and plugins.  Jet pack is one the best plugin which is a built in plugin of WordPress which provides more than 50 reliable options for a basic requirement of site, including social sharing options such as to share on Pinterest, tumblr, facebook, twitter and google plus.

Just select an option in Jetpack that share on social media automatically when posted on WordPress.

Also there are many other exciting features on WordPress which will be shared on future posts.

Hope you got a brief information about Best blogging platforms for passionate bloggers and writers.  This is the best guide for all passionate bloggers and make use of all freeware blogging platforms to make your blogging career a bright and delightful journey.   Do share from your favorite social media Facebook, Twitter and Google plus to share this information.  Also share your better thoughts about blogging platforms and give your valuable suggestions on Best blogging platforms ever.



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